The diving areas are mostly new and remaining in their natural beauty. 11 of these Dive sites are all located close to the Dive Center.

Our Dive Center supplies nearly all the Dive sites with buoys to protect the reefs.

The visibility is about 8m-20m according to the weather condition.

A Current is rare, but there are times when there is one.

The Dive deeps are between 10m-30m according to the dive site and experience of the divers

.The aquatic life is typically Mediterranean. Octopus, Sepia, moraine eels, groupers and lot of schools of small fish.

The underwater landscape is reefs and rock formations covered with colourful plants and a small cave.
Diving activities:
  • 2 x daily guided boat dives
  • House reef dives
  • Night dives
  • Wreck dives
  • Daily Dive trips
  • Continuing education
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